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Glenloch Legal provides a one-stop shop for all your real estate closing needs.  Unlike many title companies, we serve you with real estate lawyers in-house.  We prioritize customer support and strive to make our real estate agents and lenders look like heroes.  Our closing team understands the need for clear communication throughout every purchase and closing transaction–from residential first-time homebuyers to experienced real estate investors.

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Realtor hands a couple keys to their new home.

Simplified Real Estate Closings

The moving pieces, multiple parties, and heightened emotions can seem confusing and chaotic for those without extensive experience with the buying and selling process. We get it. We specifically work to make the real estate transactions less hectic and less stressful. We have a clear closing timeline and practice open and prompt communication with the real estate agents, mortgage lenders, and title companies involved.

You did the hard part. You found a home. Let us handle the closing.

Real Estate Agents

Home Buyers

Home Sellers

Services for Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent, you know the difference a great closing attorney can make. An experienced and professional real estate lawyer manages a transaction all the way to closing.

Our lawyers simplify the closing process for all parties involved and keep everything moving smoothly. We’re here to take care of your clients, make your job easier, and help you close on time.


  • Receive the contract and review
  • Determine relevant jurisdiction for legal filings
  • Contact the parties to the transaction for info pertinent to closing
  • Realtor or mortgage lender schedules closing date / time
  • Address any legal issues that arise
  • Contact third parties – insurance and HOA – for financial info
  • Enter realtor contact and closing information
  • Order survey if applicable
  • Coordinate with lender for lender’s required closing package

Title Research

  • Order title history to look for dangers to clear title
  • Perform title search by an experienced title examiner
  • The title report is reviewed by an attorney
  • Identify any legal title issues – address needed issues
  • Issue title assurances to the lender to move to closing


  • Update the title search
  • Prepare the deed for signature
  • Remain updated with mortgage Lender for closing package
  • Determine prorated payoff amounts by each party
  • Send preliminary settlement Statement for review
  • An experienced attorney conducts the closing
  • Purchaser picks up the keys to their new home


  • Pay municipal and state taxes on the transaction
  • Record the deed at the courthouse registrar of deeds
  • Return the signed documents to the mortgage lender
  • Deliver the lenders and the owner’s title policies
  • Deliver the deed to the purchaser
  • Balance the accounts and issue checks
  • Execute delivery of finance and lender payouts


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Buying a Home

One of the most important things you can do when you decide to make your home purchase dream a reality is choose trusted partners. A professional real estate agent, a trusted lender, and an experienced real estate lawyer deal with the challenges inherent in real estate transactions so that you don’t have to.

As real estate attorneys, we address any legal issues that arise, review the chain of title for clear title, prepare legal documents for transfer of real property, and coordinate with the various parties to close on time.

Concerned about how to take possession of the property with your partner? Curious about how your new home might play into estate planning?

We’re ready for your questions. That’s our job.


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Selling a Home

When it comes to selling your property, our real estate lawyers are ready to make sure this transition doesn’t include unwelcome legal surprises. In addition to preparing the deed and seller’s closing documents, we’re experienced in coaching you through tax ramifications and estate planning.


You are welcome to give us a call if you have questions before scheduling a closing. (800) 279-2589

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